A global citizen scholar is someone that understands the interconnectedness of the world. This person knows that this interconnectedness means that change can be enacted at all levels — the individual level, the community level, the global level, and every level in between. These individuals demonstrate critical thinking in their everyday lives and interactions instead of “going with the flow” or automatically following stereotypes. Global citizen scholars should be able to apply their critical thinking skills and understanding of the interconnected world to help improve the world they live in and to inspire the people around them to do the same.

My progress this year towards becoming a global citizen scholar has occurred at the community level. In the early fall, I participated in a student panel for engineering at a local all-girl’s high school. As part of the panel, I was able to share my experiences with my co-ops, as well as how these experiences have impacted myself and others. The goal of this meeting was to inspire these students to turn their careers into opportunities to better the world. I was able to share how, in my co-op this spring, I worked for a company that designs and manufactures equipment for hospitals, which was especially important during the COVID pandemic. Throughout the fall, I also volunteered with the OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence, an organization that provides training and consulting services for nonprofits near Cincinnati. Just before the spring semester ended, I learned about Precious Plastic Cincy, an organization that repurposes plastic that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and I plan to work more with this organization in the next year to reduce plastic waste in the community.

I learned about Plastic Precious Cincy in time to volunteer once before the end of the spring semester and the writing of this reflection, but that one day was enough for me to realize how passionate I am about environmental issues. My main goal for the next year is to continue involvement with this organization, potentially by using my 3D modeling skills to design objects that the recycled plastic can be used to make. Throughout the next year, I want to expand my 3D modeling skills so that I can assist Precious Plastic Cincy as much as possible. As such, my progress towards becoming a global citizen scholar next year will take place at the community level by focusing on service that will benefit the environment.

Pre-Junior Year